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This page was last updated: August 24, 2015
2015 - NH Bass Nation
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 2015 NHBN 
Tournament Schedule

Patriot Tourney - May 6th - Winnipesaukee
Post-Spawn Open- June 28th – Winnisquam
Summer Open- July 12th –Winnipesaukee
Dog Days Open - August 9th - Winnipesaukee
Fall Open- October 18th – Squam
Club vs. Club– July 26th- Wentworth
STQT - Aug 22nd & 23rd - Winnipesaukee
Divisional - Sept 14th - 18th - Conn River, CT
Opens will be "Double Down" combo tournaments

Squam Lake  Bass Movement Study:

The fish tagging went perfectly following the weigh-in at the Squam tourney. Thanks to all who helped make this a successful event.

Jamie Doughty, NHBN Cons Dir.
and Gabe Gries, NHF&G fisheries
Biologist set up the antenna to track the movement of bass between Big & Little Squam Lakes.
Transmitter  for tracking fish movements after release into Little Squam Lake.
Notice: The December NHBN Meeting will be held upstairs at the Manchester City Library at 7:00PM on 6/16/2015.

NH F&G biologist, Diane Timmins, stitches up a smallmouth bass after implanting a tracking transmitter inside.
A two-pound smallie with transmitter in place. ID tag and antenna can be seen protruding from the fish.
Preliminary reviews 
show that many of the bass have moved back into Big Squam already.
NHBN would like to extend a sincere "Thank You" to all of the great sponsors that supported our organization during the 2014 season. Please take time to view their products and services by clicking on some of their logos found on this site. 
A big "THANKS" also goes out to all the officers, directors, club reps and State Team members who helped to make our organization successful and our events run smoothly. Another great season is in the books!
NHBN would like to welcome Livingston Lures as a new sponsor for our organization!
New for 2015
 Pro-Am Format 
for the NH
State Team Qualifying Tournament
Check out this brief PowerPoint presentation which shows the extent of movement by one of the tagged bass in this study. You'll be amazed at how far it moved!
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2015 STQT Results

North Country Bronzebacks take the victory  at the Club vs Club Tourney on Wentworth

1 - NC Bronzebacks                                  39.67#
2 - Sail'em Bass                                        37.07#
3 - Upper Valley Weekend Warriors         36.71#
4 - Manchester Bass                                35.12#
5 - NH Bassmasters                                 33.67#
6 - Grass Roots Bass Club                       30.94#

John Wright & Pete Weeks extend their lead in the 2015  LowranceTeam-of-the-Year Competition
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2015 - STQT Pairings
2015 Club vs Club
*Attention -UPDATED!!!
Haggenmiller & Perron take top positions for 2016 NH state team.

Paul Haggenmiller and Jeff Perron of the NH Bassmasters affiliate club took top honors for boaters and non-boaters at the 2-Day 2015 NH State Team Qualifying Tournament on Winnipesaukee. Both anglers were in first place at the end of Day 1 and were able to bring good bags to the scale on Day 2 to maintain the top positions.

Congratulations go out to all the anglers who qualified for the 2016 NH State Team. The dates and location for the Regional qualifier have not yet been announced. 
  Day 1 Results                             Day 2 Results