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Squam Lake Bass Movement Study
Keep America Fishing Day
2016 Wentworth State Park Cleanup Event
May 15, 2016 starting at 8:00am (Meet at the Park Entrance)

Junior anglers and volunteers will spend 3 hours helping to cleanup the park then volunteer boaters will take the juniors out fishing for a half-day of fun and excitement on the lake. The kids will catch some awesome fish!

Big thanks in advance to all of the volunteers who will take time out 
to support this event and for taking the time out of their busy schedules
 to take the kids out fishing after the cleanup.

Supporting Groups
2017- NH Bass Nation
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Jamie Doughty, NHBN Cons Dir.
and Gabe Gries, NHF&G fisheries
Biologist set up the antenna to track the movement of bass between Big & Little Squam Lakes.
Transmitter  for tracking fish movements after release into Little Squam Lake.
Photos from 2014 Squam Lake Fish Tagging Study

Squam Lake  Bass Movement Study:

The fish tagging went perfectly following the weigh-in at the Squam tourney. Thanks to all who helped make this a successful event.

Preliminary reviews 
show that many of the bass have moved back into Big Squam already.
Click link below for updates.
Check out this brief PowerPoint presentation which shows the extent of movement by one of the tagged bass in this study. You'll be amazed at how far it moved!
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